Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Quiting smoking can be very simple if you have the support of friends and family. This tips can be very helpful.

Stay away from your smoker friends for a while. This is very important as being around such people will expose you to the temptation to smoke. Mix with non-smokers. These people will encourage you to quit smoking. They will also frown at you when you try to smoke in their presence. In fact make friends with people who will hold your hands each time you try to smoke, or people that will seize your lighter, stick of cigarette, match box, cigarette packs whenever they see you with one.

Keep your hands and mouth busy. In the first few days and months of quitting smoking, you will notice your mouth and hands itching. In simple terms you will miss smoking. You can keep your hands and mind busy by reading books, playing computer games or anything that get your mind off smoking. You also keep your mouth busy with sweets, bubble gum and such. Eating fresh bananas can also be helpful. In fact bananas have been shown to reduce nicotine levels in the blood. Hence bananas serve two purposes, they keep your mouth busy and at the same time clear your blood from past-damage.

Seek the advice of past smokers. Networking with those who have been there and conquered smoking can be very helpful. They will advise you on how to overcome all the challenges you may face. Get more information on the health risks of smoking.
Knowing the true cost of smoking may encourage you to quit smoking more than anything else. Most people that quit smoking at an instant often confess that the death of a loved one from a tobacco related illness or an encounter with someone suffering from such an illness encouraged them to quit smoking. The fear of death can encourage you to quit smoking more than anything else.

Be aware that tobacco is dangerous in any form. Water pipes, sweets, bubble gum, snuff, organic or additive free.

Visit your nearest medical center for more help.

Eat lots of bananas. Banana reduces nicotine levels in the blood stream. Nicotine is the substance in tobacco that causes addiction. Hence by taking banana you can rid your body of nicotine and at the same time remove the urge to smoke.


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